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We want you to be part of the new video!

Be part of the video for the single "Hard Labour" on the new Liquid album! 

This video is about the sweat we put into making a living and how we stay on our grind to pay the bills. We want to see where you put in your hard labour, wherever that is! Whether its a construction site or an office, or a stage or a factory, its all work and you can show it in this video! 


Here is how to be part of the new video:

1. Download the song mp3 from this link (this is a rough mix, please don't share it) :

2.  Play the song at the place where you work, and sing along or lip sync.


     You can download the lyrics here:

A few tips to make sure your video works for this project:

- if you can have a friend take your phone and make the video of you, thats best. Selfie videos could be OK, but make sure you show the workplace around you, and if you can be using your hands to do the work while you sing, that is the best!

- make sure to be holding the phone sideways for a "landscape" orientation, not up and down!

- its OK if you don't get all the words right or only do some of it, we are only going to use a little bit of each video. don't worry if you have a hard time with the rap verses, skip whatever parts you want!

3.  Upload the video of you putting in hard labour  

     by using

     and sending it to the email

hardlabour upload.png

4. We will email you back to get your information and have you sign a release that we can use your footage.

5. See yourself in the video when it comes out! Thank you for being a part of it!

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