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is an original member of the internationally known music collective Bran Van 3000. He collaborated on all 4 albums of Bran Van 3000 as a founding writer and performing artist and has 2 solo albums (Better Days and Still Blue) which were released in the 2000's via Aquarius records. Liquid also released an EP "Back in Fashion" under the name Touching Mannequins  in 2015.


He has collaborated with many artists such as Gangstagrass (Emmy Nominated for theme track of the hit FX show Justified), Ubisofts'  Just Dance 4 which sold 35 million plus worldwide (Make The Party Don't Stop_Bunny Beatz),  Poetic (Gravediggaz), Neema (Leonard Cohen, Cinderella Junkie), Misteur Valaire (Ave. Mucho) Jean Leloup (Johnny Go) and many more. Throughout his career, he has earned many Awards such as a  JUNO for best alternative album, Felix prize, Much Music/MTV Video Awards, a Canadian Radio Music Award and many more. He has been on the Top of the Pops (Bran van 3000), Billboard  (Gangstagrass' American Music) and rested top of the charts with many more of his songs.


Currently Liquid is working with EMMY nominated band GANGSTAGRASS' producer and frontman RENCH on a NEW album HARD LABOR.  The influences blend from country, bluegrass, blues to rap and tap into LIQUID's roots. His versatile style mixed with stellar hooks and melodies will leave you humming the tunes long after. Follow along as singles from this epic new project are released!

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